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LCG consultants are led by Dr. Lana Petru, whose research in leadership development emphasized the importance of transformational leadership in the modern organization. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the cornerstone of most of our leadership development programs using the Essi Systems' model of EQ. Focusing on multiple tiers of leadership development LCG applies the leadership model that is most appropriate for the business objective and in line with the strategic vision of the organization. 

LCG can provide access to several assessment tools that can be use to measure and improve leadership skills. These assessments include, but are not limited to; DISC, EQ Map, 360 Feedback, and Resiliency Assessment. If you have need for a specific assessment tool for your team it is likely we can administer that tool or one very similar. 

LCG consultants are seasoned facilitators who have subject matter expertise in varying topics. Many of these facilitators also possess facilitator certifications in areas such as; EQ, DISC, MBTI, and Situational Leadership. Special consideration is given to a train the trainer model of facilitation depending on agreements regarding content development and intellectual property. 

Tools can be developed based on a needs assessment to determine skills gaps of a targeted employee population. This skills gaps analysis allow our consultants to provide organizations with focused recommendations for learning and development activities. 

Our consultants have instructional design experience and utilize the ADDIE model of instructional design in developing all of our content. Instructional design consulting is available for instructional design teams or other positions within the organization that require working closely with instructional designers. 

Organizations find that performance management tools are difficult to develop and implement. Our team can assist with development and/or implementation of these tools in order to improve performance of a targeted population within the organization. Most of our consultants have been trained in the Friesen, Kaye, and Associates performance consulting model. 

LCG can provide additional one on one coaching and mentoring for all levels of your organization with an emphasis on mid-level to upper-level managers and directors. 

Process redundancies and oversights present major obstacles to organizational effectiveness. The LCG Team can assist with process improvement using by utilizing existing tools within the organization or providing additional tools that the organization currently does not have in place. 

LCG can assist with increasing the effectiveness of current OD practices within the organization or the team can introduce new best practices to the organization and assist with the implementation. 

Resistance to change is a common obstacle for many organization and OCM practices are often ineffective. The LCG Team uses several 
approaches to track OCM practices, and assess the effectiveness of those practices. 

Focusing on "the tactical" without a strategy can often be an obstacle to success. LCG consultants can help organizations bring vision and mission to life through devising a strategy for implementation and execution or through reinforcement of existing strategies already in place. 

Using the appropriate model of OE is necessary for an organization to thrive. LCG consultants can provide guidance on OE by applying the use of various OE models such as; DAPIM, SWOT Analysis, or RBV Analysis. 
Implementation of eLearning and hybrid learning events can be a challenge. LCG consultants can provide guidance in implementation based on years of experience consulting organizations in this area. Using Adult Learning Theory and best practices in employee and facilitator engagement along with specific tools to measure learning outcomes any organization can maximize the effectiveness of Learning and Development initiatives. 

*Other solutions in areas of expertise such as; Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Diversity are available upon request.