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Líder•ology Consulting Group (LCG) is led by Dr. Lana Petru, President and CEO. Dr. Petru has an Educational Doctorate with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. Dr. Petru has 20 plus years of experience in Education and Learning and Development. Her master's studies were in Education and Social Psychology. In addition to her educational qualifications she has extensive business experience and knowledge. Her combined background in academia and business provide her with a unique perspective on learning and development that is valuable to the organization. Her academic research has emphasized on a social psychology theory called "Element of the Bond", Multiculturalism and Multicultural Education Theories, and Transformational Leadership Theory. She possesses additional expertise in Adult Learning Theory, Emotional Intelligence (EQ Certified), and Conflict Resolutions/Negotiation (Mediation Certificate).

The team Dr. Petru leads consists of learning and development professionals of varying expertise and backgrounds. Each of the team members has at least an M.B.A or M.A.E.D and many have Ph.D.'s or Ed.D.'s along with their field experience. As a result, the LCG consultants have a similar combination of academic and business background. Each team member has 15 average years of experience in education (K-12 or Higher Ed) or learning and development working with Fortune 1000 companies. This group is able to combine the use of theory grounded in research with widely accepted L&D business principles to provide customized learning and development solutions for organizations. Therefore, LCG solutions are more likely to meet the needs of the organization and yield measurable outcomes.  

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